2019: Graduated HCH Modevak opleidingen Pattern Design. Courses:

  • Skirt design
  • Pants design
  • Blouse and dress design
  • Sleeve and collar design
  • Lingerie and lounge wear design


2018: Graduated HCH Modevak opleidingen Couture Techniques. Courses:

  • Cutting and sewing (zippers, pockets, closures, textile knowledge)
  • Cutting and sewing advanced (collars, sleeves, textile knowledge)


2017 – 2018: Premaster Arts & Culture: Comparative Arts and Media Studies – Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam.


2015: Minor Arts Management  – Graduated at the International Business School in Budapest


2015: IELTS English Language Test. Overall Band Score: 7


2012 – 2016: Bachelor in Media, Information and  Communication at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Course: Media, Marketing and Publishing


2011 – 2012: Preschool Visual Arts – at ArtEZ in Arnhem. Courses:

  • Graphic Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Typography


2006 – 2011: HAVO – Graduated at Thorbecke Scholengemeenschap in Zwolle. Profile: Economics and Society

08-2020 – now: Creative director Studio Rozen.

Together with La Fam, Alle$ Lifestyle, Leonore Boeke, Roza Kater and Palet Amsterdam I started Studio Rozen, a creative playground with a sewing atelier, photo studio, radio station, showroom and gallery where we curate, sell and display young talent. Hosted an exposition by Lara Verheijden, Nozum, Stikstok and Narco Polo.

2018 – now: Freelance stylist

  • Styling for film and television. Most recent clients: PLUS, Ikea, De Oost by Jim Taihuttu (produced by New Amsterdam Film Company), Smartlap by David Eilander (produced by New Amsterdam Film Company. 
  • Styling at photoshoots. Most recent clients: Rich City Fortune, La Fam, YoungBlood Jewelry.


2018 – 2020: Founder of Rich City Fortune

  • Design
  • Patternmaking
  • Creation
  • Productions in China, India, Holland, Portugal, Roemenia
  • PR/Communications
  • Social media
  • Graphic design for branding, designs, webshop, packaging
  • Production, art direction, model scouting. 


2016: Office Manager MILLTEN

  • Calendar management 4 partners
  • Property management
  • Financial administration
  • Graphic design


2015: Intern PR/Communications VICE Media Benelux 

  • Communication strategies for documentaries Mocro Rappers, De Nieuw Jagers, Rotterdam Terror Corps, event Call for Entry
  • Business-to-consumer newsletter
  • Editorial calendars for VICE News, Motherboard, i-D, Noisey, Thump, Munchies, The Creators Project 


2014 – 2015: Key Account Manager Greenhouse Innovation in Amsterdam 

  • Business-to-business customer contact
  • Responsible for all interns
  • Controle press releases
  • Unrolling marketing actions 


2014: Intern Marketing & Communications at Greenhouse Innovation in Amsterdam  

  • Social media
  • Business-to-business
  • Customer contact
  • Writing of press releases
  • Unrolling marketing actions
  • Stimulating downloads and usage applications

2020: Volunteer for Regenbooggroep Amsterdam 

Coordinated and initiated a fundraising campaign for homeless in Amsterdam during the first lockdown. Continuously involved with the Regenbooggroep. Currently as a buddy of Marcel, an Amsterdam local who has been homeless for over 10 years. We see each other every two weeks. 


2018: Volunteer for Voedselbank Amsterdam 

Helped out during three months to gather more food in AH for the Voedselbank and worked on their social media and mailing. 


2012: Award for Young People, Bronze 

During 6 months I had to reach three goals, a personal, a social and a sports goal in order to receive the award. I learned myself to play piano and sing with it and did a performance. I worked at a free daycare in Zwolle and helped one family to get a settlement. I trained and ran a 6.4 km race.


  • Dutch – Fluent
  • English – Fluent
  • French – Proficient 


Computer skills:

  • Adobe – Experienced
  • Excel – Experienced
  • Mac & Windows – Experienced
  • WordPress, Woocommerce, One – Experienced
  • MailChimp, BuzzCapture – Experienced